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Precision Tools

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Our selection of over 1500 scissors, pliers & fine instruments are sold & used in a variety of industries. Our range covers just about all sectors of the hobby & craft industry including needlepoint, sewing, paper craft, beading, etc. On the industrial side our tools are used in the carpet industry, electrical, kitchen & hardware markets.

We have been producing & marketing such tools for over 20 years. Our selection of tools serve both the mass consumer market as well as the professional market. Most all of our products are of stainless steel. Our higher quality pliers & tools are composed of the highest-standard steel available, including German and Japanese 420 stainless steel, and our more economic products are of 410 stainless steel.

As a manufacturer we have the ability to custom manufacture or private label any of our products. Clients can choose from a variety of quality levels to help target a specific price point as well as a variety of finishes. Then there are several options for private label such as silk screening, electro-etching, cold stamping & impact printing. We also have many packaging options available from the factory.

We carry ample inventory in the US. We also have the ability to engrave in our Chicago facility. This is especially useful for smaller quantity private label needs, for retailers, for institutions, etc.

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