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About Us

About Us
We are the sales & marketing arm of a mid-sized instrument manufacturer, based in Chicago. Our family-owned factories have been producing high-quality instruments for over 60 years. We currently export to about 40 countries worldwide, although the majority of our sales are here in the U.S.

(As a manufacturer we sell only at the wholesale level: that being to retailers, importers, exporters, dealers & distributors)

We have the ability to custom manufacture and private label any of our 3,000 products.

Corporate Philosophy
We have always believed that a company is a guest in a society and as a guest we have certain moral & legal obligations to the community. We are very proud to market both imported and domestic grade-products, and pleased to present our steel instruments in varying materials, including U.S., German, Pakistani, and Japanese steel.

Mission Statement
Tamsco is dedicated to the manufacturing & worldwide marketing of instruments. We place extremely high regard on:
•  The continuous improvement of quality
•  The practice of business in a professional & ethical manner
•  Our moral responsibility to the community & to the natural environment
•  The confidence & satisfaction of our customers

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